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Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership

Daksha Lifetime Membership

We, at The Daksha Spiritual Foundation of Vedic Research, invite everyone to become a part of our family with our Daksha Lifetime Membership package. This is a one-time package where you will become our member of your entire life.

As members, you can look forward to receiving completely free astrological consultancy and support from the renowned astrologer cum motivational speaker, Vedacharya. You will get personalized and exclusive advice on different aspects of your life including your profession, health, relationships, finance and so on.

Once you are a lifetime member, you can visit the well-known astrologer, Vedacharya, as many times as you need without any hesitation. He will be more than willing to help you with your life’s problems.

So, sign up for the lifetime membership offered by us and have the peace of mind that you have an astrologer on-call whenever need one. For more information, get in touch with us without any hesitation.

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